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agent_diamond in queens_arctic

Steampunk Meet: November 28 09

Greetings, fellow explorers!

I was not actually present at today's meeting but I have been apprised of the goings-on via our lovely and talented Quartermistress via the ever-present intarwebs. Here are some highlights:

1. World of Warcraft has some steampunk features. I don't know what these are since I am not a WoW player myself, but I suppose if you play just fool around with it and see what happens.

2. Nerf gun detailing: ongoing! Seth and Steven are both working on steampunking out some Nerf guns. Depending on progress they may be shown off in the next few meetings or so.

3. Our Mechanic is thinking of designing a steampunk oxygen mask for our Captain, Steven. He needs feeback on ideas- should he go post apocalyptic, or fallout? Other directions? I myself am thinking: Diving Suit...

4. Tandy Leather is online for your leatherworking steampunk-related ideas.

5 .Steampunk Holiday Party - Friday Dec. 11th at 7pm until 10pm, at Sipping Streams. Bring some snacks (steampunk-related are encouraged!) and if you want to participate in a White Elephant gift exchange, something you make or buy that costs less than $5. A steampunk theme is encouraged, obviously. There should be Cthuhlu carols (holiday music from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society) playing and aside from the gift exchange, there is also game-playing- bring a game if you have one in mind that you really like. Try to come in costume if you can.

6. Save your pennies now for the January Steampunk Tea! There will be tickets sold for that one. Date TBA, $12 in advance or $15 at the door.

7. Sherlock Holmes comes out on Dec. 25th and has steampunky elements to it. Movie night, anyone?

8. Add the Queen's Arctic Expeditionary League on Facebook! For some reason I can't paste the link in here but it's on the email notice I will send around shortly.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday,

Elizabeth Diamond, Secretary
The Queen's Arctic Expeditionary League