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agent_diamond in queens_arctic

Steampunk Meet: December 5, 2009

Greetings, fellow explorers!

We had a lot of toys come out this past Saturday, and fun was had by all! Before I describe them, I'll mention that this upcoming Friday Dec. 11 is our Holiday get-together! Bring a snack and if you want to participate in the white elephant gift exchange, a (wrapped) gift that was less than $5 for you to buy or make. Festivities start around 7 pm!

We had:

Cool goggles and plans for a steampunk gas mask from Zack
An interactive Fiction Engine from Steven
A steampunk monitor and keyboard (latter still under construction) from Marcus
A ray gun in progress from Seth
And while this wasn't exactly related to things Steampunk, Althea was working on a fabric ornament.

Kudos to all the crafters! I myself sat, yakked and stuffed my face.

For the January Steampunk Tea, we need to come up with an image to use for flyers. If you are artistically minded, could you bring something to the Holiday party, or contact me directly? (agent.diamond@gmail.com) We need to get going on this if we are going to make the event a success.

Below, the link Mikki sent around, for those that have not seen it yet, for making steampunk clothes: