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agent_diamond in queens_arctic

Steampunk Tea was a success, and Steampunk Blunderbuss

 Our Steampunk Tea was held on the afternoon of February 6, and it was a success! In addition to many familiar and friendly faces, there were a few newcomers that seemed to enjoy themselves.

Many thanks to Jenny for her hard work- she didn't get to sit down until it was pretty much over- and to Steven our Captain for acting as emcee and organizing the parlour games. The Space Celtic live music was also very fun and the audio sound effects added to the humor of the games.

For those of you that couldn't make it, there were about 15 attendees, and plenty of tea, snacks, and door prizes to go around. Everyone went home with a book, and mine is one I am enjoying today: an illustrated hardbound copy of the short stories of Oscar Wilde. There were also tea and bath salt giveaways. We had live Space Celtic music courtesy of two members of Celtic Confusion, and played guessing games with verbal or acted out clues (I was a reluctant participant at first, but it was a lot of fun). A gathering simply to play parlour games could be something to consider in future, though I would vote to try to find an actual parlour to hold it in. 

Seth, our Navigator who also happens to be a photographer, snapped many candid and portrait photos of everyone there, and as soon as those are downloaded from his camera and uploaded to his website they'll be available for viewing.  If you want larger format pictures than the small ones that are generally uploaded, we can arrange to send you a larger file. Thankfully, no one was blinded by magnesium flares. 

In other news, a steampunk blunderbuss has been invented that can shoot rubber balls at a respectable velocity: