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agent_diamond in queens_arctic

Bustles and Rayguns Craft Meet: November 21 09

Greetings, fellow explorers!

Our ranks have been swelled by the addition of Zack the mechanic and his wife Lauren, who showed up with an interesting parasol and a Mechanic's outfit. Others worked on converting Nerf guns to ray guns, with some progress on that, and our very own Opera singer, Greta, kindly brought in her sewing machine for people to make bustles. Our quartermistress has a lovely new one.

The rest of us, myself included, sat around observing and chatting. It was quite a pleasant time and not everyone has gone home yet as I write this!


1. We are having a Christmas/ holiday party on Friday, Dec. 11th at the usual place (Sipping Streams Tea Company) from 7 pm onward. There will be a $5 or less gift exchange- you are not allowed to bring a gift that cost you more than $5 to make or buy. Be sure to wrap your gift so no one can tell what it is, so we can have a white elephant exchange (everyone draws a number, the lowest number draws first, and everyone after can steal that gift or take a new one from the pile). Participation is optional.

2. We are also planning a Real Event, one that will cost a bit of money and time to put on properly, which we plan to market to the greater Fairbanks community. This will be the Steampunk Tea we have mentioned in January, date to be determined once we figure out a date that does not conflict with Chinese New Year celebrations.

There will be fancy refreshments, door prizes (if you would like to contribute something steampunky to be drawn as a door prize, let me know), a costume contest, and music. The prices we have tossed about are $15 at the door, $12 in advance, with all proceeds (after we pay for decorations, food, advertising and other expenses) going to the Literacy Council. There will be 40 tickets maximum sold, because the tea shop isn't so big. If you come, please try to come in costume. Start planning your outfit now!

3. Our Captain is still working hard on his steampunk novel for NaNoWriMo. When I get a link to it I will post it.

4. Finally, some wedding pictures for our Navigator and yours truly can be found at: redseth.com/n/index.php