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agent_diamond in queens_arctic

December 19, 2009 Notes

Greetings, fellow explorers!

This will be a short note- I'd written something longer, and my browser's security settings ate them when I tried pasting them into this journal.

We had a visit today from ham radio expert and author Eric Nichols, and there were many projects in evidence. Marcus brought his modded computer components out, Steven was working on his Interactive Fiction Engine, Seth was working on modifying his Nerf guns, and I believe Chris and Andrew were working on a poster.

News: Save your pennies for this upcoming January's Steampunk Tea, to be held I believe on the 4th Saturday of the month (which is the 23rd) in the evening. Tickets ($15 at door, I believe, and $12 in advance) will be sold, and this event is going to try to branch out to people who don't ordinarily come to our meetings who have expressed interest in attending an Event. There will be lots of refreshments, music, and I believe we were discussing door or costume contest prizes. They're closing the tea house down just for this. It will be fancy, so hopefully we will see everyone there!

Tomorrow the Large Animal Research Station at UAF (off Yankovich road) is having an open house from 11-2. It's indoor and outdoor, so dress warmly if you go. You'll get to see musk oxen and reindeer, and learn a bit about them as well as get some free hot chocolate or cider.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it! If not, Happy Day After Christmas (we Canadians call this "Boxing Day") Sale Shopping!